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In a series of studies from 2010 through 2014, scientists at IISR, Kozhikode found that out of the samples analysed, 3 of 10 turmeric powders, 7 of 10 cinnamon barks and 2 of 9 black pepper powders were adulterated. The rising consumer consciousness on healthy living has made the need for clean-label products imperative.

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Mane Kancor- where business meets commitment; a commitment to health, sustainability and social well-being.

Why us

Our range of spice products mirrors our promise of purity with the highest quality ingredients, ethically procured from certified sources. Our responsible sourcing programmes with local producers ensure superior product quality, adherence to regulatory requirements and continuous supply. We assure impeccable quality of raw materials with lower microbial loads, pesticides and other contaminants meeting global standards. With this initiative, we hope to be leading the way to a 100 % transparency model. We aim for the trust of our customers by providing the right products at the right time in the right quantity. Our key strengths are the Customised Service Oriented Spice Solutions.


From sourcing to the final product, Mane Kancor Spices can customise any of its products as per the client’s unique requirement, irrespective of quantity and kind. We have multiple sources and processing methods to suit the customer’s requirements.

Service Oriented

Our facilities and resources enable us to offer just the precise quantity that our customers require no matter how minimal the demand and how fast it should be met. Our services like minimal lead time and no MOQs (minimum order quantity) make us more preferred than our competitors.

Spice Solutions

We meet the customer’s requirements without compromising on the quality of the spice solutions. We offer whole, roasted, ground, and blends of spices that range from nutmeg, ginger, pepper, dehydrated green pepper, cardamom, turmeric, and chilli.

Straight Spices

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