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Mimosa Extract

Botanical Name of Raw Material: Acacia Decurren

Mimosa Flower ExtractMimosa hails from the family of Acacia, the plant from which the essence of cassie is rendered.  Acacia are flowering plants with fragrant flowers. However, only two species, Acacia decurrens var. dealbata and A. farnesiana are used in perfumery. Our Mimosa Concrete and Mimosa Absolute are solvent extracted from the flora of the Acacia Decurren. These are used extensively in perfumery, cosmetics and sometimes in aromatherapy. When used in perfumery, it serves as a harmoniser among the other aromas used in the mix. The product has a child-like, sweet, soft odour.

Mimosa Absolute
Specific gravity: 0.945 – 1.100
Refractive Index @ 20° C: 1.480 – 1.5360
SolidOil Soluble
Mimosa Concrete
Absolute content: 28 – 35%SolidOil Soluble

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Our Process


The method of solvent extraction uses a separation solvent, which is generally non-volatile has a high boiling point and is miscible with the mixture, but doesn’t form an isotropic mixture as a medium to extract essential active elements from spices.


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What is Mimosa Absolute?

Belonging to the Acacia family, mimosa plants are known for their fragrant flowers. The two species of acacia that are commonly used are Acacia decurrens var. dealbata and A. farnesiana. Mimosa floral extracts are obtained by extraction. .Fresh flowers of Acacia Decurren undergo the first stage of solvent extraction to obtain Mimosa Concrete. The concrete then goes through further enrichment extraction to obtain Mimosa Absolute. The absolute is a highly concentrated extract and is typically used in perfumes.

What is Mimosa Concrete?

Mimosa Concrete is obtained by the solvent extraction of freshly harvested blooms of Acacia Decurren. A true to natural fragrance, Mimosa Concrete is commonly used in cosmetics.

What are the aroma characteristics of Mimosa floral extracts?

The fragrance of Mimosa floral extracts is said to be child-like, sweet, fresh and soft. Extensively used in perfumes, it is often used as a harmoniser among other aromas used in a mix.

Which applications can the Mimosa floral extracts be used in?

Mimosa floral extracts are typically used in aromatherapy, cosmetics, fragrance & perfumery and personal care products.

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