Mane Kancor believes that every action taken by the organization and employees is built on foundation of its ‘WE’ values. The company believes that it needs to play a significant role in community development and takes part in initiatives that benefit the larger public.

We will contribute to the overall development of the society in the areas, where we operate. Our work should positively improve the quality of life of people in those locations.

  1. Supporting clean sourcing, with minimal carbon foot print. We shall do this by helping our farmers and vendors improve their practices in agriculture. The program will help farmers in maintaining the quality of soil, air & water thereby ensuring environmental sustainability & ecological balance. The effort will include in its scope, training, awareness building, subsidized supply of safe and clean packaging materials, at cost supplies of plant protection chemicals and nutrients.
  2. Installation and supply of toilets in areas where access to clean toilets is difficult. Eg market yards, schools in villages where we operate, thereby once again improving the quality of life of the people who interact/depend on us.
  3. Supporting the needs of school going children of their books, shoes, school kits and uniforms, in and around our operating areas, so we touch the lives of our workers, vendors, service providers and farmers. Building up a relationship with them so that there is a dialog and many points of connect, that demonstrates our interest in them, our value systems and thereby our ability to communicate with them in the most difficult of times on all possible subjects.
    Mane Kancor encourages its employees to be socially responsible and has helped employees set up their own forum to contribute to the development of the community. Thus, with a need-based approach, Mane Kancor touches the lives of people around its facilities and helps change their standard of living.