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Frankincense Oil

Botanical Name of Raw Material: Boswellia serrata

Frankincense has a significant meaning in Christianity, and is believed to be one of the gifts offered by the three wise men to the newborn Jesus. Today, this fragrant resin has been transformed into an essential oil that is valued not only in religious practice, but also in aromatherapy and natural health. Frankincense is tapped from scraggy but hardy trees by slashing the bark – a process called striping, and allowing the exuded resin to bleed out and harden. The essential oil of frankincense is obtained by steam distillation of the resin from Boswellia serrata. It is a free-flowing liquid with a colourless to pale yellow colour. It has a terpenic, incense, woody and somewhat camphoraceous odour. Major components are Alpha-pinene, Thujene, Sabinene, delta-3-carene, myrcene, limonene. The oil is used in perfumery, cosmetic and medicinal applications. Mane Kancor is a leading manufacturer of frankincense essential oil. Our Frankicense oil is compliant with global food safety standards and exported to more than 75 countries worldwide.

Alpha-Thujene: 60 – 70%LiquidOil Soluble

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Our Process


Steam distillation is the technical process applied to recover the heat sensitive compounds from spices. Spice oils are unstable and heat sensitive compounds are present in the spice.




How is Frankincense oil extracted by Mane Kancor?

Popularly used in religious practices and in aromatherapy, Frankincense oil is obtained by the steam distillation of the resin from Boswellia serrata tree. The process used to tap resin is called striping, where in the bark of the tree is slashed to allow the resin to bleed out and harden. The key components of Frankincense essential oil are Alpha-pinen, Thujene, Sabinene, delta-3-carene, myrcene and limonene.

What are the colour and aroma profiles of Frankincense Oil?

A free-flowing liquid Frankincense essential oil ranges from clear to pale yellow in colour. Typically, sweet and woody in aroma, Frankincense oil also has a slightly camphor like odour.

Which applications is Frankincense essential oil used in?

Frankincense Essential Oil is used in perfumery, cosmetic and medicinal applications. It is also an Aromatherapy favourite because of its stress alleviating properties.

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