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Pink Lotus Extract

Botanical Name of Raw Material: Nelumbo Nucifera

Pink Lotus Flower ExtractLotus is a flower of antiquity and has long been associated with the history, culture, religion, ancient literature, arts and crafts of India. Little wonder that the lotus is the national flower of India. The flower has been described in various mythological legends, epics, scriptures, Sanskrit literature and historical records. Even Mane Kancor’s logo has been inspired by the cross section of a lotus flower. Our Pink Lotus Absolute is obtained from the extraction of Pink Lotus Concrete that is solvent extracted from the flowers of Nelumbo Nucifera. The viscous, molasses-like, reddish-brown Absolute of Pink Lotus is soft and enchanting. It therefore comes as no surprise that the lotus has been revered for ages as a sacred symbol of enlightenment and devotion.

Pink Lotus Absolute
Specific gravity: 0.9250 – 0.9820. Refractive Index @ 20° C: 1.480 – 1.5160LiquidOil Soluble
Pink Lotus Concrete
Absolute content: 22 – 32%SolidOil Soluble

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The method of solvent extraction uses a separation solvent, which is generally non-volatile has a high boiling point and is miscible with the mixture, but doesn’t form an isotropic mixture as a medium to extract essential active elements from spices.


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How is Pink Lotus Absolute obtained?

Lotus, the national flower of India, is often referred to as a sacred symbol of enlightenment and devotion. It has been associated with the history, culture, literature, arts and crafts of India. Pink Lotus extract captures the intoxicating fragrance of the flower for use in various categories like cosmetics and perfumes. The floral extraction involves a 2-stage process. During the first stage, freshly harvested flowers of Nelumbo Nucifera are solvent extracted to obtain Pink Lotus Concrete. The concrete then undergoes enrichment extraction to obtain a concentrated form of extract called Pink Lotus Absolute.

What is the fragrance profiles of Pink Lotus Absolute?

Pink Lotus Absolute is known for its distinct, soft, floral and slightly sweet fragrance. It is commonly used by the fragrance and perfume industry.

What is the colour and aroma profile of Pink Lotus Absolute?

Reddish brown in colour, Pink Lotus Absolute is viscous and molasses like in appearance. Highly concentrated, it takes thousands of flowers to obtain just one drop of extract.

Which applications can Pink Lotus floral extract be used in?

Pink Lotus floral extracts are used in Personal care products, cosmetics, perfume and fragrances. It is also used in Aromatherapy because of the soothing effect Pink Lotus extracts provide.

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