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Tri-Rectified Mint Oil (RPO)

The product is natural obtained by the steam distillation followed by the dementholization and rectification of over ground parts of Plant, Mentha Arvensis. It is a colourless to pale yellow, clear, free flowing liquid with a distinct minty odour. Rectified  peppermint oil is processed using fractional distillation process of mentha arvensis oil and contains 40% to 50% of l-menthol as its main constituent. The other main chemical constituents of rectified Mint oil are isomenthone, neomenthol, l-menthone, l-limonene, methyl acetate, pulegone, pipretone, alpha pinene, beta pinene. Rectified Natural Peppermint Oil is available in two grades – terpene and terpeneless and finds application in areas including flavouring applications of products like liquor, chewing gum. It is also used in cold -rub and helps in providing a cold soothing experience. We have extensive processing unit and so produce Rectified Peppermint Oil in bulk quantity so as to meet the large and small requirement of the customers.

L-Menthol Min 40%LiquidOil Soluble

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A technique used to isolate or purify various components present in essential oils, fractional distillation separates the volatile oil in different fractions or portions at various boiling points.





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How is Tri-Rectified mint oil obtained?

Tri-Rectified mint oil is naturally obtained by steam distillation followed by the de- mentholization and rectification of overground parts of the plant, Mentha Arvensis.

What is the colour, odour and flavour of Tri-Rectified mint oil?

Tri-Rectified mint oil is a colourless to pale yellow, clear, free-flowing liquid with a distinct minty odour.

What are the uses of Tri-Rectified mint oil?

Tri-Rectified used in beverages, confectionery, oral care, personal care, tobacco flavouring and pharma & nutraceutical products.

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