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Davana Oil

Botanical Name of Raw Material: Artemisia pallens Wall  

The davana plant is commercially cultivated for its fragrant leaves and flowers. It belongs to the family of Asteraceae. Davana oil is obtained by the steam distillation of fresh, overground parts of Artemisia pallens. This oil is a free-flowing liquid that is orange-yellow to reddish orange in colour. The product is warm and herbaceous, with woody undertones and a slight camphorous note. Davanone is a major component. Davana oil is used to add flavour to beverages and perfumery formulations.

Davanone: 40.0 – 55.0%LiquidOil Soluble

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Steam distillation is the technical process applied to recover the heat sensitive compounds from spices. Spice oils are unstable and heat sensitive compounds are present in the spice.






How is Davana Oil extracted?

From the Asteraceae family, davana plant is known for its fragrant leaves and flowers. Davana oil is obtained by the steam distillation of fresh, over ground parts of Artemisia pallens. The main component of davana essential oil is Davanone. It is primarily used as a flavouring agent in beverages and perfumes.

Why is steam distillation preferred for Davana Oil extraction?

Steam distillation is preferred for distilling volatile components from raw materials like davana plant. The oil is recovered by directly applying steam on the raw material followed by condensation of the distillate. This form of distillation allows for controlled temperatures that ensures release of essential oil without burning the plant material or oil.

What are the colour and aroma profiles of Davana Oil?

A free-flowing liquid, davana oil usually ranges from orange-yellow to reddish orange in colour. The oil has a warm, herbaceous aroma with a woody undertone and a slightly camphorous note.

What is Davana Essential oil used for?

Davana essential oil is mainly used in flavour and fragrance applications. Davana Essential oil manufacturers like Mane Kancor are popular for pure and natural extracts.

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