Traceability application is a cloud-based system, which takes an integrated and analytical approach to farming. The tool provides a real-time view of the farms, complete geo-tagged information about the people, process & the sales operations. It enables simplified control over complete farmer outreach through a single click. The benefits of such a system is realised when it directly connects the business strategy to the field through detailed analytics using field data.

What is the result

  • Mane Kancor’s Agri Business Managers to make proactive, planned and responsive decisions, on the go. They can monitor business risks and performance metrics, also stay connected with production and sales operations.
  • Mane Kancor’s Farm Managers cum Extension Team can connect with farmers there by increasing the efficiency by 30% more.
  • Mane Kancor’s Growers/Farmers get timely and personalised advice for their respective crops on package of practice, pest & diseases. They will have access to satellite-based weather forecasts. All this real time information will help farmers to attain more profitability through sustainable farming.

*Crops involved – Mint, Chilli, Lemongrass, Rosemary, Vanilla and Tuberose.

The remote sensing enabled app provides the following traceability data thus enabling to track every raw material which is cultivated under the programme right upto the farm level.