Kanji Morarji moved from Kutch to Bombay and established a business; trading spices and other goods from Kerala back in 1862. Morarji recruited his nephew, Vallabhdas Vasanji to join the business in the early 20th century. They began exporting pepper and ginger to Europe. The family’s expertise in the pepper trade earned them the name “Mariwala”.

In 1947, Mariwala and his four sons founded Bombay Oil Industries Limited. The company established four manufacturing units between 1947 and 1971. One of them was a plant to extract spices near Kerala that spun off into a firm called Kancor Flavours and Extracts Ltd, in which the US-based McCormick & Company held a 40% stake in 1990, which by 1996, the Mariwala Group re-acquired.

Kancor Flavours and Extracts Ltd. was renamed Kancor Ingredients Ltd. in 2006. They became part of a French based company, Mane in December 2014. The year 2019 marked the 50th Anniversary of Kancor. In 2021, Kancor Ingredients Ltd. was renamed Mane Kancor Ingredients Private Limited.

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