Mane Kancor’s proprietary product, Roasted Spice Oleoresins create perfect cooked flavour notes every time, to your exact specifications. Made by sautéing and roasting of raw materials, followed by extraction, these unique products recreate household culinary flavours industrially.

Roasted Spice Oleoresins: This exclusive range of oleoresins from Mane Kancor deliver unique roasted notes.

Mane Kancor’s roasting technology has been perfected over the years to deliver regulatory compliant roasted notes. This process does not involve any chemical synthesis or formulations and creates unique, high impact natural flavour and aroma compounds that are validated by state-of-the-art analytical tools.

  • Unique, natural roasted profiles
  • Consistent flavour profiles
  • Varietal applications
  • Excellent flavour delivery
  • Low microbial load compared to raw/ground spice
  • Economical cost in use
  • Available in liquid and dry forms
  • Customisable for specific product applications
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Mane Kancor is a leading manufacturer of roasted spice oleoresins . Our Roasted spice oleoresins are compliant with global food safety standards and exported to more than 75 countries worldwide.
















Processed Foods














What are Roasted Spice Oleoresins?

Roasted Spice Oleoresins are Mane Kancor’s proprietary product that creates perfectly cooked flavour notes every time, to match your exact roasted spice note specifications.

How important is Roasted Spice Oleoresins in the culinary preparations?

Roasting and sautéing are traditionally used to enhance the flavour profile. To create the perfect Roasted notes every time, to exact specifications are difficult. Also the taste profiles change as one goes from region to region. Consistency in taste and perfection is paramount in the case of these flavour profiles. A niche that NAME Kancor’s Roasted Spice Oleoresins fill, beautifully.

How are Roasted Spice Oleoresins extracted at Mane Kancor?

Mane Kancor has a distinct understanding and knowledge about how the various elements of roasting and frying affect the taste and aroma profiles of a product. From smoke, to oil and even heat content; every element is carefully re-created. The extraction process ensures authentic roasted spice notes are recreated to the exact specifications of the clients and thus the perfect Roasted Spice Oleoreisn – flavour profile is achieved.

What are the peculiarities of Mane Kancor’s Roasted Spice Oleoresins?

Mane Kancor prides itself on being fastidious about delivering only true to nature products and it is the same when it comes to Roasted Spice Oleoresins. Our roasting technology is one that has been built from the ground-up, on years of research and development; focusing primarily on keeping the final product free of chemical synthesis or formulations. Kancor’s roasted spice oleoresins are regulatory compliant products. Kancor’s Roasted Spice Oleoresins are also customisable and is made to fit the exact roasted note requirements of customers.

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