Paprika Oleoresin

Botanical Name of Raw Material: Capsicum annum L 

Paprika is a spice made from air-dried fruits of chilli pepper species, Capsicum annum, hailing from the family of Solanaceae. It is widely used to add colour and flavour to many types of dishes. Paprika Oleoresin is a deheated extract of the dried ripe fruit of Capsicum annum L. The product has the characteristic odour of sweet chillies, with a warm note. It is a viscous, reddish-brown homogeneous liquid. Mane Kancor is a leading manufacturer of paprika oleoresin . Our Paprika extract is compliant with global food safety standards and exported to more than 75 countries worldwide.

Spec RangeFormatSolubility
CV(ICU):20000 -1,40,000LiquidWater / Oil Soluble

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ICU: International Colour Unit
CV: Colour Value 

Our Process


The method of solvent extraction uses a separation solvent, which is generally non-volatile has a high boiling point and is miscible with the mixture, but doesn’t form an isotropic mixture as a medium to extract essential active elements from spices.









What is Paprika Oleoresin?

Paprika Oleoresin is a de-heated extract of the dried ripe fruit of Capsicum annum L. Paprika extract is widely used to add colour and flavour. A natural colour substitute, it has the characteristic odour of sweet chillies.

What are the aroma and flavour characteristics of paprika oleoresin?

An oil soluble, water soluble viscous liquid, Paprika oleoresin is usually reddish-brown in colour. A homogeneous liquid, it has the typical fragrance of sweet chillies with a warm note.

What is paprika oleoresin mainly used for?

Paprika oleoresin is commonly used in condiments, sauces, seasonings, meat, poultry, seafood, confectionery and beverages. It imparts orange colour in applications and is popular as a natural colouring agent. Paprika oleoresin manufacturers like Mane Kancor are known for its pure natural extracts.

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