Curcumin 95%

Botanical Name of Raw Material : Curcuma longa L.

Curcumin Powder 95%  is isolated from the pure natural extract of turmeric,obtained by the solvent extraction of ground-dried rhizomes of Curcuma longa L. It is a free-flowing, yellowish-orange powder. The aroma of the product is characteristic of turmeric, with a distinct earthy, musky note and slightly bitter aftertaste.

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CC: Min 95%PowderAlcohol Soluble

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The method of solvent extraction uses a separation solvent, which is generally non-volatile has a high boiling point and is miscible with the mixture, but doesn’t form an isotropic mixture as a medium to extract essential active elements from spices.


Pharma & Nutraceuticals


How is Curcumin Powder 95% obtained?

Curcumin Powder 95% is obtained by isolating the active ingredient from the pure natural extract of Turmeric. Additive free, Curcumin powder can replace whole/ ground spices without affecting the flavour and aroma.

What is the process used to extract Curcumin Powder?

Solvent extraction is the process used to extract Curcumin Powder 95% from ground dried rhizhomes of Curcuma longa L. In this process, organic solvents are used as a medium for extracting active components, which is then subjected to de-solvenisation. The resultant curcumin extract has minimal residues and is packed with flavour and aroma.

What is Curcumin Powder 95% mainly used for?

Curcumin Powder is primarily used by the Pharma and nutraceuticals industry for its medicinal properties.

What are the aroma and flavour characteristics of Curcumin Powder?

A free flowing, yellowish orange powder, Curcumin Powder 95% is known for its distinct earthy, musky turmeric aroma and its slightly bitter aftertaste.

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