Transparency is the key to winning the trust of consumers. Purchase decisions are all influenced by the level of transparency the company offers about the product. Consumers are often bombarded with contradictory information on ingredients, origin of raw materials, cultivation and Agri-management practices etc. Because of this consumers are now more interested to trying food and beverages with simpler and recognisable natural ingredients listed on the packs.

Having recognised this point, Mane Kancor has adopted direct sourcing and backward integration as their core strengths. The idea is to start from the roots, working closely with farmers.

Agriculture is characterised by

  • Agro-ecological diversities in soil
  • Rainfall
  • Temperature
  • Cropping System

The smaller the farm the greater is the need for marketable surplus, so that small farmers can have a reasonable income.

Achieving this is only possible by disseminating eco friendly technologies safeguarding local ecosystem, economical conditions, gender equity and promoting employment generation. To make this happen Mane Kancor has got its IT enabled Agri extension activities using Remote sensing, Farmer Sustainability Certification Programmes etc, which help farmers lower their production costs and better their returns. Mane Kancor has a network of approved farms who are guided by, in house agriculture experts. Mane Kancor’s global sourcing programmes which stretch across the world help us pick just the right crop.

Another major area for emphasis is on the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programmes. By partnering with farmers educating them on usage of approved fertilisers and pesticides, providing technical assistance in selection of hybrid, high yielding and pest resistant seed varieties and guiding them on good agricultural practices with a buy back agreement. By doing so we are slowly and steadily expanding the acreage under IPM.

Key focus of Agriculture Business division is helping farmers adopt Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) with special focus on Sustainability & Traceability, which will offer several benefits to the farmers and the community as a whole by improving their Social, Economic & Environmental conditions.