Jean M. Mane, is President and CEO of the company V. MANE FILS, founded in 1871 by his great-grandfather and established in Le Bar-sur- Loup near Grasse (French Riviera), a position he has held since 1995, following 17 years of apprenticeship in the family owned company.

He received his Licence de Chimie and his civil engineer degree from the School of Mines in Paris in 1975 and his M.S. in Synthetic Organic Chemistry from MIT in 1976. He joined the family owned company the following year working as a Research Chemist, then heading the Flavour Division.

Jean Mane has been a European Flavour Expert since 1984, dedicating time and energy for the defence of the interests of the Flavour and Fragrance Industry ever since. He holds various positions within the Boards of IOFI, EFFA and SNIAA, respectively the International, European and French Flavour Associations.

In 2014, Kancor and MANE have formed a joint venture partnership in India for the supply of food and beverage ingredients globally. Kancor is now part of MANE group. Jean Mane is now the current Managing Director and Chairman of Mane Kancor.

Geemon Korah, the Executive Director and CEO at Mane Kancor Ingredients Private Limited, is a graduate in Agriculture with a post-graduation in Business Management. He has also completed Executive Education from Harvard Business School, ISB Hyderabad and IIM Calcutta. Before joining Mane Kancor in 1994, Geemon spent a brief time working on a European Union project.

He has played a key role in moulding Kancor to what it is today. Since 1994 he has incubated and developed several new businesses within Kancor, manoeuvring through numerous challenges. After his take over as the CEO in 2006, he has spearheaded the company through a 10-fold growth. He was instrumental in establishing the joint venture between Kancor and Mane, the fifth largest Flavour & Fragrance company in the world. Known for his team building ability, paranoid optimism, inclusive growth, and foresight, Geemon has ardently propelled changes in the industry.

With nearly 3 decades of experience in the spices and flavours industry with a keen awareness of the global challenges, Geemon holds office in several Industry bodies – International Federation of Essential Oils and Aroma Trade (IFEAT), the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), All India Spices Exporters Forum (AISEF) and Fragrance and Flavour Association of India (FAFAI).

While not in office, he usually travels the world or works on his automobiles, a passion as deep as his love for spices.