OxiKan CL from Mane Kancor is the last word in extending the shelf life of perishable products. Our secret ingredient is a more refined extract of Rosemary. This decolourised Rosemary Extract has been found to extend shelf life successfully, without any of the decipherable or tell-tale signs of deterioration in the freshness of the product. Essentially, it is a flavourless and colourless antioxidant that can be applied to sensitive applications like mayonnaise, fish oils, specialty fats, flavouring ingredients, cosmetic and personal care ingredients and essential oils.

The absence of unwanted molecules such as colour, odour and non-antioxidant molecules helps to create a fully flavourless decolourised Rosemary Extract. An industry first!

  • Completely natural
  • Highly refined selective antioxidant composition
  • Excellent oil solubility
  • High heat stability
  • Most suitable for applications which are sensitive to aroma, colour and flavour like speciality fats, Omega 3 fortified products and beverages
  • Available in oil-soluble and water-soluble formats
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What makes OxiKan CL stand out from other antioxidants in the market?

OxiKan CL is a colourless and flavourless antioxidant that extends shelf life of food, personal care & cosmetic applications, without in any way impacting or contributing to colour, odour or flavour of the application. Its fat-solubility and flowability qualities make the decolourised Rosemary extract highly effective on sensitive food applications as well.

How does OxiKan CL extend shelf life of food?

The colourless and flavourless antioxidant contains highly potent fat soluble antioxidant molecules that halts the oxidation of fat molecules in the food by scavenging free radicals. This keeps food products fresh for a longer period of time, with no hint of change in flavour, odour and colour of the product.

What are the concerns that are usually associated with using Rosemary extracts to extend shelf life of food?

Rosemary extracts are used to naturally extend shelf life of foods. However, being a culinary ingredient, it has a strong organoleptic identity of its own, which impacts the identity of the food matrix. Mane Kancor’s OxiKan CL, is a fully decolourised, deodourised and deflavoured liquid extract of selective antioxidant molecules of rosemary that help extend shelf life without the associated organoleptic attributes.

What type of applications is the flavourless/ colourless antioxidant, OxiKan CL, most suitable for?

The decolourised Rosemary extract is most suitable for products that are sensitive to aroma, colour and flavour. Available in 2 formats – oil soluble and water soluble, the flavourless and colourless antioxidant is used on flavouring, citrus oils, value added specialty fats & spread and Omega-3 fortified products.

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