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Organic Citronella Oil

Botanical Name of Raw Material : Cymbopogon nardus rendle  

Organic Citronella OilCitronella is a grass that mainly grows in some Asian countries and some islands of the South Pacific. It has a rich, crisp lemony aroma and thus bears the name Citronella. The Organic essential oil of Citronella is obtained by the steam distillation of the partially dried grass of organically grown Citronella. This oil has pale yellow to thick yellow color having crisp lemony aroma. Major components are geraniol, citronellol etc. Mainly used in insect repellant formulations , perfumery , aromatherapy applications etc.

Geraniol   20-60%LiquidOil Soluble

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Steam distillation is the technical process applied to recover the heat sensitive compounds from spices. Spice oils are unstable and heat sensitive compounds are present in the spice.


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How is organic citronella oil extracted by Mane Kancor?

Organic essential oil of citronella is obtained by the steam distillation of partially dried organically grown citronella grass. The grass is known for its characteristic rich crisp lemony aroma. The key components of organic citronella oil are geraniol and citronellol.

What are the colour and aroma characteristics of the organic essential oil of citronella?

The colour of organic citronella oil ranges from pale yellow to a dark yellow shade. A highly aromatic grass, it has a crisp lemony aroma.

What is organic citronella essential oil used for?

Organic citronella essential oil is mainly used in flavouring applications, insect repellent formulations, fragrances, perfumery and aromatherapy applications. It is also used in personal care products.

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