Fresh meat is always preferred in a bright red colour. However, it is highly prone to oxidation and needs to be treated with an anti-oxidant to prevent it from spoilage. Commercially available rosemary extracts pose a major challenge when applied to a high fat, high protein meat, lipid soluble compounds as the carotenoids and xanthophylls present in the extract immediately integrate with the fats tinting it yellow. This yellow and brown tone misleads consumers into thinking its oxidised or stale, when in reality the meat is still fresh and palatable, though visually less appealing. Kancor with its proprietary technology has developed OxiKan R, highly refined enriched extract of selective anti-oxidant molecules from rosemary with a superior antioxidant efficacy. It has excellent oil solubility, and has very low colour and odour impact on the meat application.
Download the white paper on Comparative colour impact study on topical meat applications using Oxikan R and Commercial rosemary extract.

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