More than 7000 of our farmers are FSA certified under the Sustainable Agriculture Initiative (SAI) by Mane Kancor

Sustainability initiatives at Mane Kancor focus on the environmental and social impacts of its production while securing the economic performance of both the company and the farmers.

Mane Kancor practices sustainability at three levels: Profit, People and Planet. Mane Kancor not only trained the farmers on sustainable agricultural practices but also prepared the farmers to get their sustainable farming practices audited and certified by 3rd party auditors under Farm Sustainable Assessment Certification Programme (FSA) initiated by Sustainable Agriculture Initiative (SAI) platform. This assessment is under three broad categories: Economic, Social and Environment. Farmers under these broad criteria are evaluated on the basis of 17 parameters.

This certification helps them in accessing better markets and better prices. Currently, more than 7000 mint farmers are certified under FSA by the Mane Kancor initiative.  Most of the farmers fall under the gold and silver category.  In the Mint industry, Mane Kancor is the first commercial manufacturer with the highest number of FSA certified farmers associated with the company for Mint & Menthol production. Mane Kancor is also expanding the certification programme to other crops like Chilli, Rosemary, Davana, Tuberose etc. Thus, Mane Kancor is trying its bit for the betterment of various stakeholders in the business by assuring a sustainable, transparent, and traceable value chain.

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