Mane Kancor Ingredients Pvt. Ltd. continues to reinforce its dedication to quality and food safety through the Quarterly GMP Food Safety Award programme. The latest ceremony for Quarter 2 of FY 2023-24 saw commendable achievements across various manufacturing sites, highlighting the organisation’s resolute commitment to maintaining rigorous standards.

Introduced to fortify the quality and food safety culture within the organization, the Quarterly GMP Food Safety Award recognises outstanding performance at individual manufacturing sites. Each month, the Quality Assurance (QA) team conducts comprehensive GMP audits across process centres, evaluating adherence to stringent standards. These audits, combined with other essential food safety and quality metrics, are meticulously assessed by an independent judging committee to determine deserving recipients.

In Quarter 2 of FY 2023-24, the prestigious GMP Food Safety Award at the Angamaly site was bestowed upon the “Blending area-FGS,” underscoring the exemplary efforts of the team in upholding superior standards. At the Bareilly Site, commendation was extended to the “Ground floor crystal section Unit-1” for their outstanding performance in ensuring food safety and quality, while the Byadagi Site witnessed the “Solvent Extraction Plant” (SEP) clinching the coveted award. The awards were distributed at the respective sites during the ceremony conducted in January 2024. Through such initiatives, Mane Kancor Ingredients Pvt. Ltd. continues to set industry benchmarks and ensure consumer confidence in its products, fostering a culture of excellence and safety across all manufacturing sites.