Every year we gift something memorable to our valuable customers, partners, and investors, but since last year we wanted to take the extra mile and wanted our gifts to be timeless.

Hence again, we are carrying on with the Grow Trees initiative – a simple effort that aims at being a solution to two of the biggest problems that the earth is currently facing which are carbon emission and deforestation. Our initiative intends to provide individuals with the opportunity to plant trees and offset their carbon footprint. To incorporate the idea of planting in our daily lives, Mane Kancor with Grow Trees is planting trees on behalf of our stakeholders and providing them with an e-Tree certificate. These trees will not only help reduce atmospheric carbon but will also assist in providing rural employment, enhancing wildlife habitats, improving biodiversity and rejuvenating water bodies.

According to the sources Grow Trees have planted over 6.5 million trees, thereby creating more than 5.3 lakh days of labour for rural and tribal communities and reducing more than 13 crores kg of carbon per year. Once a tree has been planted, an e-Tree certificate that includes the details of the tree’s location will be provided to the planter.

This year, all our stakeholders have been gifted with a tree in their name at the Project Trees for Hanguls – Dachigam National Park, Kashmir, India. The Hangul (Cervus elaphus hanglu), which is also known as the KASHMIRI RED DEER or KASHMIR STAG is a critically endangered subspecies of red deer, endemic to Northwest India.

The loss of trees has been a prime cause of the endangerment of Hangul. Thus, this noble initiative paves the way to the safeguarding of several species. We, being a natural ingredient solutions provider, wanted to do our bit in giving back to Mother Nature and what better way to do it than afforestation.

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