Mane Kancor, received the prestigious opportunity to represent the country as one of the finalists at the Outstanding Corporate Innovator (OCI) Awards for the year 2021, organised by Product Development & Management Association (PDMA).

The award evaluation was a rigorous process and two OCI Committee members conducted virtual site visits to each finalist’s which involved a rigorous assessment of their innovation processes and results to determine the winners.

The assessors had sighted that Mane Kancor has a “bottoms-up” approach. They added that the company has strong and open innovation ethos, a learning culture and a good documentation process for innovative practices. They suggested that the company has shown “Embedded innovation” with a grass-root level approach in regions where it operates. The auditors have praised the collaborative innovation culture demonstrated by Mane Kancor with its customers and suppliers.

Another aspect liked by the auditors was sustainability as an innovation driver: As Mane Kancor has become one of the world’s largest producers of mint flavours and ingredients by setting sustainability standards in the industry. Auditors said that Mane Kancor team gave them the impression of a very advanced and ambitious corporate Innovator. The auditors were convinced that transformation of an entire company from a non-tech legacy business to a science-driven innovation leader was a result of mastering this transition almost in a text-book like manner.

On this occasion Mr. Geemon Korah, CEO and Director of Mane Kancor said ”It was a great experience to get our innovation processes reviewed at global level. Our team had a significant learning and becoming a finalist itself is a great achievement for us. We were selected from the final 25 applications shortlisted out of all global applicants. The comments we received from the auditors are quite encouraging and we are very proud to be the sole represent from India at Global level.”

The Product Development & Management Association (PDMA), is a global association of innovation management professionals. The OCI Award is the only global innovation award which recognizes sustained and quantifiable business results from new products and services. This year marks the 34th year in which PDMA has given this prestigious award, and the past winners represent a group of global corporations widely-recognized and respected for their innovation success. Mane Kancor was one among the four finalists who were short listed for the award.