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The Coronavirus pandemic has been one of the most hard-hitting and exhausting financial drains that the world has ever seen. While we are still trying to put the pieces back together, it is evident that the next normal will be planet-friendly in nature. The eco-friendly choices of Gen Z, and the recent studies point out that a vast majority of them and the millennial population are more likely to make purchase decisions that are based on values and principles.

We, at Mane Kancor has always stood for economic wisdom. Our policies insist on avoiding the exploitation of natural resources to maintain the prosperity of the same. Our policies that are centred on sustainability encourage us to consider the impact of our actions on the environment and address related issues. Our economic wisdom translates here into protecting the economic wellbeing via the conservation of natural and human resources.

Sustainability Initiatives by Mane Kancor

Sustainability initiatives at Mane Kancor focus on the environmental and social impacts of its production, while securing the economic performance of both the company and the farmers. Mane Kancor practises sustainability at three levels- Profit, People and Planet.

Mane kancor practices sustainability at profit level
Mane kancor practices sustainability at people level
Mane kancor practices sustainability at planet level

A Traceable Transparency

Mane Kancor believes in relationships built on trust. And we know that transparency is the key to winning trust whether they are our consumers or our farmers. Our millennial consumer is keen on knowing more about the components he/she consumes for both sustainable and health reasons. Consumers are very keen on the traceability of the ingredients declared on the final retail product pack. Hence the purchase decisions are influenced by the level of transparency the company offers on the product.

Key principles of Mane kancor

At Mane Kancor we are insistent on providing transparency through traceability to our customers. To provide such pellucid transparency Mane Kancor has embraced IT services like remote sensing, satellite imagery etc to geo-tag and geo-map the fields. Such services provide details on the exact location of farms and total acreage of crops.

Mane Kancor agronomists work along with the farmers.

The remote sensing enabled IT application helps our agronomists to recommend exact agronomical inputs to farmers. Mane Kancor agronomists work along with the farmers and guide them on Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and record keeping there-by empowering them in all aspects of decision making. The technology also allow us to record the details of various agricultural practices and agricultural inputs carried out by the farmers throughout the crop life. The application provides weather forecasts and real time advisory in case of pests and disease incidence.

Once the produce is ready for harvesting, Mane Kancor provides and encourage the farmers to use food-grade packing materials to avoid contamination on the final produce. The final packs are tagged and provided with QR codes capturing all the farm-related information. This data forms the initial building block for traceability and will be maintained in the subsequent value addition processes- warehousing, processing, blending, and packaging. This IT-enabled application is a cloud-based system, which takes an integrated and analytical approach to farming. The tool provides a real-time view of the farms, complete geo-tagged information about the people, process & sales operations. The benefits of such a system is realised when it directly connects the business strategy to the field through detailed analytics using field data. In the entire process, Mane Kancor ensures that the farmers are paid a fair price to cover their cost of production, incidental expenses and a premium for the sustainable initiatives adopted by farmers.

Our Farm Sustainable Assessment Initiative

Mane Kancor has also implemented Farm Sustainable Assessment (FSA), an initiative by Sustainable Agriculture Initiative (SAI- Platform). FSA is a set of tools for food and beverage businesses that want to assess, improve, and validate on farm sustainability in their supply chains. This platform includes all food chain stakeholders willing to play an active role in the development and implementation of sustainable agricultural practices. Mane Kancor has been the first and only company in India to have been successful ,in training more than 7000 farmers on sustainable cultivation practices and getting them certified under FSA under Gold & Silver Category.