Peach Fuzz has been chosen as Pantone Colour of the Year for 2024. Its delicate nature invites a sense of calm, makes you feel mellow and adds a soothing touch. Over the past two decades, Pantone Colour of the Year has helped shape new product developments and buying decisions across multiple industries, including food and beverages, fashion, home furnishings, packaging, and graphic designing. With this year’s choice nestled between pink and orange, experts predict a similar impact. Art Director at The New York Times’, Jeremy Allen, has already referred to Peach Fuzz as, “another rediscovered neutral that’s meant to seep its way into every surface of our lives.”

In this age of social media, products and services in the food and beverage industry need to be delivered visually. Millennials and Gen Z opt for “Instagrammable” foods that offer as much visually as they do in taste. But any shade just will not do. Consumers demand clean labels and natural foods, as well as a colour of the year that aligns with these expectations.

Natural Food Colours and its role in New Product Development is beyond making the choice of a single colour. According to Meticulous Research*, global sales for natural food colours are on track to increase by 8.4% (compounded annually) by 2027. The projected market value is at $3.2 billion by the end of the forecast period.

Colour shapes consumers’ first impressions of products and influences buying behaviour. Therefore, when choosing packaging and food colouring, brands must pay close attention to the psychology behind colour to attract and engage customers of all ages. Peach Fuzz, a hue that offers a blend of benefits between pink and orange.

Through C-CAPTURE, Mane Kancor offers a wide range of natural food colours, creating calming blends of pink and orange in line with Peach Fuzz. We have created a soft and nurturing presence through multiple applications in juices, ice creams, flavoured yoghurts etc. just to name a few.

The company’s expertise in in-house extraction, isolation, purification, and blending processes creates peach shades that are consistent in hue and stable in many food & beverage applications. Our application capabilities and understanding of NPD and market trends, allow the company to create innovative concepts.

Leveraging Mane Kancor’s state-of-the-art R&D facilities and access to raw materials sourced from various regions globally, the company has developed several blends within the Sunrise Series. These blends utilize ingredients such as annatto, red beets, and paprika, aiming to evoke a sense of calmness and sweetness akin to that associated with a peach, thus catering to the preferences of its consumers.

Based on shade requirements, Mane Kancor works closely with customers to formulate a shade that matches their needs.

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