Recently there has been a global shift towards healthier lifestyle choices. Flavour was once considered as the singular factor affecting a consumer’s purchase decision, but today even visual appearance which implies the freshness of food attributes to these choices made. Health benefits and cleaner label declarations ensuring “safe” and “natural” products have also been rising trends over the years. The product innovation hence continues to prioritise these trends along with innovation of unique flavour profiles and enhanced colour solutions to meet the consumer demand for a fully sensorial experience.

Snacks and seasonings to top the food industry

With the change in consumer behaviour, the global spices and seasonings market is expected to hit $25 billion by the year 2025 (Source: Global Market Insights, Inc.). The rapid surge is due to various factors driven by change in consumer preferences, textural enhancers, heat and light stable colours, convenience and versatility and so on.

Savoury snacks, seasonings & convenience food occupies the top position in the market for various reasons, such as:

  • Travel vlogging, fast paced lives, health and flexitarian trends and demand for natural ingredients
  • Rising disposable income and increased opportunity to discover new regional and bolder flavours
  • Increased demand for packaged or convenience food due to rising numbers of working women
  • Growing Food delivery platforms – Uber Eats, GoJek, Swiggy, Zomato etc.
  • These new age trends have given rise to interesting new product launches in the market.

With the growing demand for ethnic flavours, the New Product Development team at Mane Kancor has recreated regional taste preferences with natural colours and unique flavours into some ubiquitous food items using a fusion concept. This has evolved to become TastyKan and C-CAPTURE.

TastyKan are concentrated multi-spice liquid blends that gives varied characteristic flavours to applications and C-CAPTURE is the natural colour range that makes the food attractive. These innovative, customisable natural ingredient blocks are versatile in application and add flavour and colour to various food matrices.

Mane Kancor with over five decades of expertise in global sourcing and extraction, ensures raw materials are extracted to reflect its characteristic profile. The strong backward integration helps us to create unique, natural flavours and colours that are true to their origins.

Application concept using TastyKan Barbeque Spice & C-CAPTURE Tangerine series for seasoning potato crisps

TastyKan Barbeque is a liquid multi-spice block, inspired from the trend of grilling/ barbequing in American and African cuisines. These are unique ethnic mix that provides both aromatic and spicy note to savoury products and can be used for seasonings, marinades and dry rubs.

C-CAPTURE Tangerine series provides red to orange shade in applications. Colouring principles are carotenoids – Capsanthin, Capsorubin and Beta carotene contributing to the major proportion. In ordinary conditions, carotenoid pigments are oxidisable. Oxidation is associated with colour loss and off flavour characteristics in food products or ingredients. The factors that influence colour loss are light, heat, pH values and exposure to oxygen. C- CAPTURE’s Tangerine series offers a range of solutions that includes stable versions of Paprika, with high stability against degradation, enhanced with OxiKan (Natural Anti-Oxidant) formulations.

The test was done on potato crisps available in the market by coating one sample with TastyKan Barbeque spice and C-CAPTURE Tangerine series. It resulted in a better visual appeal and more flavourful when compared to sample which was left uncoated.