The ideal seasoning for potato crisps


A global shift towards healthier choices:

There has been a global shift towards healthier lifestyle choices in recent times. Flavour was once considered as the singular factor affecting a consumer’s purchase decision, but today even visual appearance, which implies the freshness of food, attributes to the choices made. Health benefits and cleaner label product trends have also been on the rise over the years. The product innovations, hence prioritise these trends along with innovation of unique flavour profiles and enhanced colour solutions to meet the consumer demand for a fully sensorial experience.

With the increasing demand for convenient foods and clean label ingredients, the New Product Development team at Mane Kancor has developed customised delivery platforms for ingredients, and natural colours, by infusing them into some ubiquitous food items as a fusion concept. This has evolved to become multi-functional solutions using a combination of oleoresins encapsulated inside suitable carriers, for characteristic flavours and C-CAPTURE, the natural colour range that makes the food attractive.

Mane Kancor, with over five decades of expertise in global sourcing and the pioneers of industrial scale spice extraction, ensure that raw materials are extracted to reflect their characteristic flavour profiles. Strong backward integration and the technical knowledge built over time has helped us create unique, natural flavours and colours that are true to their origin.

A Rich flavour of Capsicum mixed with hues of Tangerine, the ideal seasoning for your potato crisps!

Encapsulated capsicum is Kancor's spray dried chilli oleoresin
C-Capture tangerine series provide red to orange shade in applications

It was observed that the samples seasoned with Encapsulated Capsicum and C-CAPTURE Tangerine series gave a better visual appeal and was more flavourful, with better heat delivery and heat retention when compared to the sample seasoned with good grade ground chilli.