Delighting in food isn’t merely about taste—it’s a multisensory journey. Visual appeal plays a pivotal role in captivating consumer attention, setting the stage for nutritional goodness and delectable flavours. However, have you ever considered the colours infused into your food? While synthetic colours have long been prevalent, the push towards natural alternatives is gaining momentum.

The battle against synthetic food colours has been ongoing for decades, spurred by concerns over health impacts. Research, such as the University of Southampton’s 2007 study, highlighted links between artificial colours and hyperactivity in children, prompting stricter regulations worldwide. Bodies like the CODEX establish universal guidelines, while regional authorities, like India’s FSSAI, enforce standards to ensure food safety.

In India, the Karnataka government recently banned artificial colours in popular dishes like Gobi Manchurian and cotton candy due to health risks. This proactive measure underscores the importance of vigilance in food safety.

One such hazardous colourant is Rhodamine-B (RhB), a vivid pink dye extensively used in textiles and cosmetics. However, its toxicity poses significant risks to human, plant, and animal health. RhB can induce oxidative stress and cellular damage, potentially leading to severe health issues, including liver dysfunction and cancer.

In contrast, natural colours offer a safer alternative. With a legacy spanning a century, natural dyes continue to gain traction, driven by consumer demand for transparency and sustainability.

Mane Kancor is at the forefront, offering a diverse range of natural colour solutions meticulously crafted through advanced extraction and blending techniques.

Mane Kancor’s C-CAPTURE line boasts an array of options, from turmeric and carotenoids to beet juice concentrates and fruit extracts, each carefully formulated for stability and consistency. These natural hues not only enhance visual appeal but also align with clean label initiatives, catering to evolving consumer preferences.

With expertise in extraction, isolation, and blending, Mane Kancor delivers natural colour solutions tailored to specific applications and market needs. Their commitment to ingredient transparency ensures that each product is as label-friendly as possible, meeting the demands of today’s discerning consumers.

As the food and beverage industry embraces natural colours, Mane Kancor stands ready to partner with manufacturers, providing bespoke solutions for vibrant and safe culinary experiences. For inquiries about natural colour solutions tailored to your requirements, contact Mane Kancor’s team at enquirykancor@mane.com or call 9995818776.

Experience the difference with Mane Kancor’s natural colour solutions—where safety, quality, and innovation converge to create a world of colourful possibilities.

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