Red Chilli Ground

Red chilli groundRed chillies are berries from the ‘Capsicum annum’ plant. These natives of South America are staple ingredients across cuisines and grow well in warm climates. They mature from green to yellow to orange to red, and finally, dark red. When fully matured, they are extracted and dried before grinding. Ground chillies offer consistency in colour and flavour. A dash of this spicy goodness will elevate dishes by imparting flavour, a red hue, and heat.

Red chillies have high amounts of antioxidants (better immunity), vitamins A and C. They could boost endorphins, provide pain relief, regulate blood pressure, and increase metabolism.  Mane Kancor offers chilli varieties within the heat range of 10,000-100,000 SHU and a colour range of 60- 200 ASTA.

Jumbo Packaging500 Kgs
Bulk Packaging25 Kgs
Retail25 gms - 1 Kg
HoReCa500 gms - 5 Kgs

Package Material - PP Bags/ Kraft Paper Bags

Sterilisation options
  • Steam treatment
  • ETO (third-party)

Disclaimer: The benefits mentioned are as per information available in general literature and online sources.

Our Process

Raw materials are tested for quality in NABL -accredited labs and then undergo cleaning and mechanical sorting to remove stones, loose seeds, foreign and extraneous matter. Qualified and experienced professionals ensure that the laid-out processes are followed. The production lines are integrated with blenders and sieves which ensure that the product is uniform and consistent. In-Process quality control checks ensure that the final products are as per customer specifications. The products are sterilised through a validated steam treatment method. The steam-sterilised Red Chilli Ground is then analysed for quality parameters, according to customer requirements and packed.


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