Cassia Ground

Cassia ground spiceCassia is obtained from the inner bark of the ‘Cinnamomum cassia’ tree. This native of Southern China grows well in tropical climates with rainfall. The outer layer of the bark is removed after drying. Cassia bark contains high amounts of oils, which contributes to its bitter-warm taste with hints of sweetness. It has a scroll-like appearance and a slightly pungent aromatic odour. It is brownish-red with a somewhat rough exterior. Cassia is said to offer many health benefits ranging from reduced blood pressure to anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases, improved gum health, improved digestion, and higher immunity to infections.

Jumbo Packaging500 Kgs
Bulk Packaging25 Kgs
Retail25 gms - 1 Kg
HoReCa500 gms - 5 Kgs

Package Material - PP Bags/ Kraft Paper Bags

Sterilisation options
  • Steam treatment
  • ETO (third-party)

Disclaimer: The benefits mentioned are as per information available in general literature and online sources.

Our Process

Raw materials sourced from our farmer networks are tested for quality in NABL accredited labs and then undergo cleaning and sorting to remove stones, foreign and extraneous matter. Qualified and experienced professionals ensure that the laid-out processes are followed. The production lines are integrated with blenders and sieves, ensuring the product is uniform and consistent. In-Process Quality control checks certify that the final products are as per the customer specifications. The products are sterilized through a validated steam treatment method. The steam-sterilised Cassia Ground is then analysed for quality parameters laid out as per customer specifications.


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