Behind Every Kitchen Masterpiece

Behind Every Kitchen Masterpiece

The experience of taste is a much wider phenomenon today than ever before. Consumers seek for recipes beyond the boundaries of state and country. The rise of ‘foodies’ who love experimenting and experiencing new taste sensations has led to consumers broadening their horizons of taste.  Travelling on holidays and experiencing new cuisines, innovative cooking shows and travel shows, all have done their part in transforming cooking from a task to a passionate and very personal form of self-expression.

While the demand for natural ingredients has risen due to this, there is need for a simpler and faster solution to making unique tasting cuisine – a shortcut to the cooking process that reduces the preparation time without sacrificing anything on taste. Especially for Indian cuisine that can be quite complicated and laborious to perfect. In this regard Mane Kancor once again has the perfect solution with its Roasted Spice Oleoresins. These products create perfect roasted notes which mimic the kitchen creations of ethnic households in India where these select high quality raw materials are sautéed, roasted and extracted. These unique clean label solutions recreate household culinary flavours that are bound to give you a scintillating experience. They are used in bakery, confectionery, dairy, processed foods, beverages, etc. to provide you that authentic taste.

Value drivers

  • High impact natural roasted profiles
  • Regulatory compliant roasting technology
  • Consistent in flavour profiles
  • Varietal applications
  • Economical cost-in-use
  • Customizable for specific product applications

Geemon, CEO of Mane Kancor says –The roasting of spices is not only an ethnic Indian culinary tradition, but in several other countries across the globe the roasting of garlics, onions, cumin, chilli are done to enhance the flavour of the dish. Our Roasted Spice oleoresin range has been perfected over the years to give you clean, high impact natural flavour profiles which will enable you to create a unique “home cooked or comfort food” feeling in your products.

Two Concept Recipes using Mane Kancor’s Roasted Spice Oleoresins