Clean label ingredient solutions you can indulge in without fear

Since the last decade, consumer demand for clean label products has increased considerably. Spearheaded by the new health wave, eating healthy, is all about Natural vs Synthetic ingredients. Though our food may look appealing and taste delicious, the hidden dangers in these food products are profound. The catchy names and the fancy packaging may fool you and so does the word flavouring. The food that contains artificial flavouring is indirectly putting you and your family at risk for major health problems.

Artificial Flavouring is known to cause many problems including: allergies, brain damage, seizures, genetic defects, tumours, and many other types of cancers. As more companies commit to removing artificial ingredients, clean labels will become the expectation, not the exception. With savvy customers on the rise, ingredient sourcing and processing will be the points to be highlighted for clean label products.

A rising new trend in the industry shows the launch of many products with roasted, grilled and smoked flavours across various categories of food. However, there are also several risks to understanding the profile, like are they natural, compliant to regulations, or created in a way where the products are “carcinogenic” in nature and likewise.

In order to address these various concerns, Mane Kancor’s Ingredient Solutions team have spent time on detailed research and market analysis to create the solution that can be the “indulgence” for the industry. With controlled process parameters Mane Kancor’s team have created the perfect roasted notes that mimic the kitchen creations of ethnic households across the world and also meet the regulatory compliance of being completely natural and easy to use.

The Next Generation Clean label products are evolving from being all natural to simple and recognizable ingredients. Consumer’s trust can be won with transparency, when clear information about how a product is made is available to the consumers. Consumers are often bombarded with contradictory information on which ingredients are recommended and which ones should be avoided. These reports make consumers perplexed to a great extent because of lack of correct advice. As a result, consumers are more interested to know what food and drink offer instead of what it lacks. This affirmational approach maintains the importance of formulating with natural as observed by Mintel’s 2017 Global Food & Drink Trend.

Some of the interesting facts from across globe are…

  • 62% of US respondents agree the fewer ingredients a product has, the healthier it is.
  • In the US 74% of consumers want more transparency in food and drink ingredients.
  • 36% of Canadian female respondents agree a food is unhealthy if it has artificial ingredients.
  • 38% of UK respondents agree they trust a product with a shorter ingredient list is better for them than one with a longer one.
  • 45% of Chinese adults who have bought groceries recently rank high level of food safety as a top concern when choosing a retailer.

*Source Mintel

Changing Customer Preferences.

With ever evolving curious nature of humans, we explore and get enthralled by experimenting with fusion of flavours and ingredients that unlock a sense of contentment and comfort. The experience of taste is a much wider phenomenon today, than ever before. Consumers seek for recipes beyond the boundaries of state and country. The rise of ‘foodies’ who love experimenting and experiencing new taste sensations has led to consumers broadening their horizons of taste. Travelling on holidays andexperiencing new cuisines, innovative cooking shows and travel shows; all have done their part in transforming cooking from a task to a passionate and very personal from of self-expression.

Mane Kancor brings to you the “Roasted Spice Oleoresins”– Clean label ingredient solutions which you can indulge in without fear. It is said that this sense of comfort and contentment best comes out when one draws inspiration from one’s own experiences and what better way than to draw inspiration from that of home-cooked food?

Now recreate your household kitchen experience to your recipes with Roasted Spice Oleoresins, perfect roasted notes that are created from high quality raw materials that are sautéed, roasted and extracted. These unique clean label solutions recreate household culinary flavors that are bound to give you a scintillating experience.

A pioneer in the field of global spice extraction since 1969, Mane Kancor’s process does not involve any chemical synthesis or formulations and creates unique high impact natural flavour and aroma compounds that are validated by state-of-the-art analytical tools.

The Science behind Roasting & Frying

Dry roasting or toasting is a simple way to boost complete flavour of spices in household culinary methods, which enhances its character and adds a deeper, nuttier rounded flavour. The chemistry behind creating a roasted flavour is the non-enzymatic browning reaction.

We have given below two tempting applications concepts using versatile roasted spice oleoresins.

Versatile in applications and customizable

Versatile in applications; be it savoury snacks, soups, sauces, marinades, processed meats, beverages and many more. Mane Kancor’s team will help in creating further customization of varied ranges of roasted spice oleoresins based on application requirements.