There is an increasing demand for natural anti-oxidants across the globe, however, the one factor that has limited its wide spread use is their dominant colour, odour and flavour. This challenge has been especially difficult when it comes to flavour and colour sensitive food matrices. We at Mane Kancor, decided to directly address this problem

by developing robust yet fully refined natural anti-oxidant solutions from rosemary. With its innovative award winning product variant OxiKan CL, a fully decolourised, deodourised and deflavoured liquid extract of selective anti-oxidant molecules of rosemary, Mane Kancor addresses this constraint to its fullest extent. OxiKan CL has proven to not contribute any visible colour to the matrix at even 400 ppm dosage levels and also has no impact on the flavour or odour of the matrix.

DE* values below 2 indicates there is no visible colour change in the medium.

  • At 200 ppm Carnosic Acid dosage, there is no visible colour change from OxiKan CL.
  • At 400 ppm Carnosic Acid dosage, there is no visible colour change from OxiKan CL.

OxiKan is MANE Kancor’s range of natural anti-oxidant solutions derived from the finest rosemary. OxiKan variants being robust thermally stable anti-oxidant systems have repeatedly proven to outperform synthetic anti-oxidants under high temperature conditions.

To further understand the effect of OxiKan CL in prolonging the life of packaged food products we at Mane Kancor conducted an oxidative stability study on popcorn.

Comparative Study on Shelf-life Enhancement of Popcorn using OxiKan CL, Natural Tocopherol and TBHQ

To compare the impact of OxiKan CL with Natural Tocopherol and TBHQ in the oxidative stability of popcorn.

250g of Canola Oil was separated into 5 equal portions and 4 portions were dosed with different anti-oxidants – two samples were dosed with different levels of OxiKan CL, one sample was dosed with Natural mixed tocopherol and one sample with synthetic TBHQ. One portion was maintained as control.


* OxiKan CL with 4.7% CA at dosage of 0.42 % is equal to 200 ppm of Carnosic acid, and at 0.17% dosage is equal to 80 ppm of Carnosic Acid.

Preparation of Popcorn
Popcorn was prepared using Corn (100g), Canola Oil (50g) and Salt (2.5g). The ingredients were heated for 3-4 minutes. The popped corn was then packaged in polythene bags and labelled accordingly.

Extraction of Fat from Popcorn

The fat contained in the popcorn was extracted by Soxhlet extraction method, using hexane as solvent at 80°C temperature over 5 hours’ time. Solvent from the extraction was concentrated in a rotavapour under reduced atmospheric pressure, then stripped and purged with Nitrogen to ensure the fat is solvent free. The fat thus extracted was used for the oxidative stability studies.


Oxidative stability study of the extracted fat from popcorn was conducted using Rancimat Induction Time Analysis. It is a method by which the oxidative stability of fat can be determined. The time period between relatively slow reactions before it speeds up is called the induction time. The longer the induction time, more stable the fat.

Air Flow: 20 Ltr/Hr Temperature: 120°C


From the study it is evident that OxiKan CL, Mane Kancor’s fully decolourised, deodourised and deflavoured liquid extract of selective antioxidant molecules of rosemary, is more potent than other natural and synthetic antioxidants in the shelf-life extension of packaged foods. It is an ideal antioxidant for sensitive food matrices such as popcorn, omega oils etc. as it is highly refined to the extent of being colourless, odourless and flavourless.

OxiKan CL has won the IFT Food Expo Innovation Award for the year 2018 for the breakthrough innovation in natural anti-oxidants.