Mane celebrated its 150 years on 16 th of December. The day was observed as Moving Day. Moving Day is the occasion to celebrate the things that move us like family, creativity, passion, togetherness and humanity. Mane Kancor facilities across the country celebrated annual Mane Kancor day along with moving day celebrations.

On the occasion, Mr Jean Mane, President of the Mane group opined “We must be thankful that all our collaborators to have endured and to have continued to have faith in their emotions, in their creativity, in their management and in the way that they are building a company together. Together with us, together with our family. So, we must say to them thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart”.

Mane Kancor Day was celebrated with full enthusiasm across the country by cherishing the people’s hard work, passion, and commitment. Mr Geemon Korah, Director and CEO, Mane Kancor made the inaugural address for the day. It was a celebration for all employees that featured a combination of online and offline activities which were streamed separately for all family members.