Our highly equipped and modern Innovation Centre at Angamaly was inaugurated at a virtual ceremony by Mr Jean M Mane, President and CEO of Mane on 16th September 2021. Mr. Geemon Korah, Director, CEO at Mane Kancor also addressed the employees during the virtual event.

The 24000 Sq.ft building is set in a vast stretch of land and is one of the biggest buildings of Mane Kancor’s Angamaly Campus. This state-of-the-art facility integrates all the research activities and product development initiatives in one comprehensive site with the support of expert analytical teams and top-of-the-line technologies. The research here focuses on innovations in natural shelf-life solutions, natural colour solutions, culinary taste solutions, personal care ingredients and nutraceutical products. To support the research and development activities the centre has dedicated areas for sophisticated analytical instruments and storage solutions for raw materials, solvents, control samples, utility, sample preparation and more.

The Innovation Centre also houses an exclusive sensory evaluation room, that is being supported by a well-trained panel from cross-functional teams, to help set the benchmark and uncompromising quality in every product.