Mane Kancor has successfully executed a series of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects in its Bareilly unit. These initiatives, meticulously planned and implemented, have made a tangible difference in the lives of the local communities, reflecting Mane Kancor’s commitment to social welfare and sustainable development.

Among the notable initiatives, Mane Kancor distributed solar lights to 20 distillation units linked with Mint backward integration project. This endeavour not only promotes renewable energy adoption but also enhances safety and operational efficiency for the associated units.

In a bid to ensure access to clean drinking water, RO water coolers were installed in key locations across Bareilly, catering to different segments of society. These installations include 150 litre capacity RO water coolers located outside the Royal Traders Collection Centre for Mint oil, in the Shahi village market and the Government Polytechnic College, Bareilly Campus, alongside an 80 litre capacity cooler at the local mosque, benefiting community members and promoting public health.

Complementing our efforts in education and infrastructure development, we also distributed essential educational materials such as white boards, tables, chairs and school bags to six government schools in the area. These contributions aim to enhance the learning environment and infrastructure of educational institutions in the region, ultimately contributing to the holistic development of students.

“We take immense pride in the successful execution of our CSR projects in Bareilly. Through these endeavours, we strive to foster positive change and leave a lasting legacy of progress within the communities we serve”, emphasised the CSR team of Mane Kancor.

As Mane Kancor continues its journey, we remain committed to exploring innovative ways to drive social impact and empower local communities, thereby reaffirming our pledge to create a brighter, more sustainable future for all.