Mane Kancor believes that individual development is a continuous process and therefore we have been constantly working towards the development and improvement of our people. It was in this context that we started the ‘ASPIRE’ program to help our employees cherish their biggest personal dreams side by side with their normal work responsibilities. The programme provided a platform for employees to discuss their personal dreams and desires and was launched in July 2021 as a year-long grooming initiative.

On the occasion Mr. Geemon Korah, Director, and CEO, Mane Kancor shared his experiences and learning to motivate the employees on how to determine, build and
gain, challenging, and rewarding personal achievements within the framework of a company.

The programme was designed with peer-to-peer mentoring as the main focus. Teams were formed with a team SPOC to coordinate among the team members and with the programme coordinators. The framework of the program made it interesting and fulfilling for the
participants. Common sessions were conducted for all employees based on the demands raised by the teams. Programme coordinators had follow-up meetings that helped to observe the progression of each team in a casual and open environment. The programme was coordinated by the HR function and today the program is bearing fruit with success stories
pouring in from all locations.