The Innovation Challenge was created by Mane Kancor as a platform for generating ideas that can improve products, processes, services, and customer experiences. Out of the 35 initial entries 4 teams were chosen as winners after several elimination rounds. The Award Ceremony at Mane Kancor was conducted on the 19th of July 2021.

A challenging application process was designed so that Mane Kancor received only serious participants. There was a total registration of 35 teams consisting of 241 participants. Out of them, 29 teams submitted their ideas in the form of short videos and they explained the project idea in a single page document.  The applicants went through stages that included an initial screening, presentation, and project implementation. Out of which 4 teams were selected for project implementation for 3 months. Their projects were evaluated by a panel headed by Mr. Jean M. Mane, President and CEO at Mane.

The Award Ceremony was addressed by Mr. Jerome Pointecouteau, VP – Flavour Categories & Strategy, Mane who gave the Mane Kancor Innovation Lecture 2021-2022. The opening address was given by Mr. Geemon Korah, Director and CEO at Mane Kancor Ingredients Pvt. Ltd. 

Mane Kancor recognises innovation as one of its organisational values which will help it to remain relevant in the competitive market. Mane Kancor wanted to internalise this concept across the organisation and convert it into something that reflected on a day-to-day basis.

At the event, Mr. Mathew Varghese, VP – Operations was declared as the new Apex Committee Chairman.

Apex Committee