Board of Directors of Mane Kancor Ingredients Limited has appointed Geemon Korah as Director in a duly convened meeting of board of Directors held on Wednesday, 12th September, 2018 at the registered office.

Geemon Korah had joined Mane Kancor exactly a quarter century ago. He has been instrumental in developing the company’s business and seeing it through several changes and expansion into new geographies and new JVs. In fact he has played a major role in building the organisation to what it is today. Since his taking over as CEO in 2006, the company has seen a huge growth, both in terms of size and in terms of intellectual gains. His hard work and determination is a source of inspiration to the entire organization.

Geemon has been the Chairman of All India Spices Exporters Forum twice and a member of the Executive Committee of Flavours and Fragrances Association of India. His passion to bridge the gap between industry and academia has earned him a place on the Board of Studies of various prestigious institutions. An ardent driver of several new initiatives, his interventions have triggered positive changes toward global harmonisation of industry standards. Geemon, who has represented both Mane Kancor and the spice industry at various global forums, is a true ambassador of the industry.