At Mane Kancor, commitment to social responsibility and environment sustainability has always been at the forefront. We are solidifying this commitment to Mother Earth through our annual Grow Trees initiative – an effort to combat two major ecological issues: deforestation and growing carbon emissions.

We recognise that our customers and stakeholders too remain highly committed towards protecting the environment and making responsible and sustainable choices for the same. Therefore, through the Grow Trees initiative, we are planting saplings on their behalf and providing them with an e-Tree certificate detailing the tree’s location. The planting of these trees not only enables a reduction in atmospheric carbon but also provides rural employment, enhances ecosystems, improves biodiversity and rejuvenates water bodies.

For 2023, Mane Kancor’s Grow Trees initiative has focussed in the field of eco-tourism and embarked on the project “Trees for Ecotourism,” an effort to protect and preserve the Himalayan habitat and retain its natural essence. This plantation exercise is currently being carried out in the forested regions of Gnathang, a fringe area of Pangolakha Wildlife Sanctuary at Dzuluk in East Sikkim. The sanctuary boasts of a wide variety of species, especially the endangered such as Himalayan bears, musk deer, Kalij Pheasant, Himalayan monal etc.

Through “Trees for Ecotourism,” an increased push is being given to eco-tourism activities that do not interfere with the natural environment such as nature photography, birdwatching etc. The move also aims to promote alternative tourism and improve the opportunities for local livelihood in a sustainable manner.

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