Asafoetida, a mystical and essential ingredient in Indian cuisine, has been favoured for its pungent smell for generations. To Mane Kancor, a pioneer in the field of natural ingredients, asafoetida has a diverse flavour, the purity of which we have meticulously refined over the years.


The journey of this enchanting spice from its homeland in Central Asia to the kitchens of India has had many twists and turns. The region’s uncertain political landscape has disrupted supply chains, leading to shortages, adulteration concerns, and inconsistent quality. For companies in the field of blended spices and seasoning using asafoetida as a crucial ingredient in their products, this situation called for urgent attention and innovative solutions.

Mane Kancor’s Quest for Excellence:

Embodying a commitment to culinary excellence, Mane Kancor embarked on a mission to provide the solution to get the right ingredients and solutions to the customer. The dedication to quality assurance and remarkable sourcing capabilities set the stage for preserving the spice’s authenticity.

With the help of cutting-edge technology, a committed R&D team, and skilled sensory panellists, Mane Kancor conducted thorough assessments to pinpoint the ideal raw material and its origin. The chemical composition of the raw material is carefully analysed, gauging its essential oil profiles and relevant taste-imparting compounds. The well-trained sensory panel unravelled the finest nuances of flavour and aroma, by locking the authentic essence.

Secret Elixir – Proprietary Extraction Techniques:

Mane Kancor’s Proprietary extraction techniques transformed asafoetida gum into various practical formats, including liquid, powder, and oil/water-soluble variants. The ability to preserve the authentic taste in powder and liquid form showcased culinary magic, guaranteeing consistent taste across an array of dishes.


Through meticulous supply chain development, rigorous quality control, and sophisticated sensory evaluations, the resulting product achieved consistent taste and remained readily available throughout the year. The diverse range of blends provided our customers with the freedom to use the products as unique solutions in their offerings. Now the players in blended spice powder and seasonings can be confident that they have a reliable and distinctive natural ingredient solution for their culinary needs, leaving them with nothing to worry about when it comes to asafoetida.

Mane Kancor a leader in the field of global spice extraction was established in 1969 with a history that traces back to 1857, Cochin. The company is a leading innovator in natural ingredient solutions from sustainable sourcing of raw materials, clean extracts, advanced research, and formulation. With a presence in over 80 countries, regional distribution centres worldwide, and multi-locational factories in India, our global sourcing programmes work closely with farmers to enrich their livelihoods. Our solutions include a wide range of Oleoresins, Essential Oils, Floral Extracts, Natural Antioxidants, Natural Colours, Culinary Ingredients, Spices & Blends, Delivery Platforms, and Organic Ingredients. Our products adhere to all global standards and are certified with FSSC 22000, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 50001, HACCP & GMP, RSPO & FAMI – QS, Halal, Kosher, and Organic (NPOP, NOP & EOS).