There has been a steady rise in the global demand for cleaner and simpler ingredients. Consumers prefer buying products made using fewer ingredients as possible; ingredients that are recognisable and wholesome which are mostly used in home-cooking. They are now more observant of the product labels to ensure that the food they consume are free from artificial ingredients or synthetic chemicals. A trend that will continue to grow due to the consumers’ critical attitude towards healthier lifestyle choices.

At Mane Kancor our goal is to go far beyond the label to offer consumers the authenticity, familiarity and transparency they expect, with our expertise in extraction and global sourcing capabilities. This enables the manufacturers to access end-to-end traceability in a format that consumers can understand and trust, from the source of the ingredients and country of origin, all the way to the production process.

Keeping this in mind, Mane Kancor launched Nature’s True Notes as ingredients for future which are extracted at ambient conditions using gentle, greener and eco-friendly methods. These natural ingredients retain true aspects of the raw material.

The philosophy of Nature’s True Notes is based on two pillars – ‘True to Profiles’ and ‘True to Origin’.

The ‘true to profiles’ aspect features the capability of Mane Kancor to retain the quintessence of any raw material. Properties such as fresh flavour and aroma are retained in its ingredient form, giving the manufacturers an opportunity to get the exact replication of the raw material. These extracts are free from solvent residues and non- preferred additives making it more label friendly.

The ‘true to origin’ aspect brings out region specific profiles of raw materials, a new exploration pioneered by Mane Kancor with its global sourcing capabilities. The characteristic profiles of raw material from different origins is captured and retained in its ingredient form, giving manufacturers access to unique taste profiles.

The offerings of Nature’s True Notes include extracts of Pepper, Ginger, Chilli, White Pepper, Cinnamon and Paprika.

Interesting Product Concept using Nature’s True Notes – Infused Olive Oils

In the recent times, premium oils have become a talk of the town as they create wider opportunities and newer innovation in taste as well as aroma. Consumer’s growing interest in transparency, naturalness and health are key factors which drive the growth in the premium oil category.

Application specialists at Mane Kancor ingredients grabbed the opportunity in the premium oil category to come up with Infused Olive Oils to showcase the goodness of Nature’s True Notes. The Olive oils are infused Nature’s True Notes ingredients and blended to get the essential taste and aroma of spices like pepper and ginger to the olive oil.

These are ideal for drizzling over salads, pasta and other exquisite dishes, perfect example to experience the fresh notes of spices like pepper & ginger and a demonstration of clean label for spice extracts. The concept doesn’t require the use of flavour declaration on label as it is replaced by spice extracts.

The concept notes and application guidelines infused oils are available and can be downloaded based on requests.