The world is currently passing through a difficult period due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). With more than 300,000 people infected globally, the number of people who have died as a result of the virus has now surpassed 14,000. Many countries are under lockdown, taking several measures, to break the chain of transmission.

At Mane Kancor, ever since the breakout, we started planning for the worst-case scenario and took steps to ensure services to our customers and business continuity.

With the health and safety of our employees being our top priority, we decided not to expose our employees from the perils of public transport and implemented the Work-from-Home option. Some employees who are categorised as critical resources for business operations were divided into two groups. Each group attends work only on alternate days and no employee in either group meet personally. For our employees in production, we introduced staggered shift timings and meal timings to maintain social distancing.

At the workplace, temperature checks upon entry and exit, sanitisation stations at all entry points to each department and across all aisles, masks provided in all sensitive areas, protocols displayed and 100% compliance ensured through close monitoring. There is a complete ban on all domestic & international travel and on visitors to our workplaces. We are constantly in touch with all our employees—sharing updates, advisories on do’s and don’ts, and proactive reporting on identified risks to build confidence in them to tide through these tough times.

IT infrastructure is fully utilised to provide remote access to employees, to service customers and to avoid major business disruptions. Various measures are incorporated into our supply chain operations to handle contingencies–quarantining and disinfecting of incoming goods, preparing a pipeline of alternate domestic vendors for imported materials and consumables etc. Shipping services continue to be operational for flow of vital goods and essential commodities as of this moment. If there are any changes based on Government directives, we shall keep you informed if it shall affect your orders and propose alternate plans. We are also supporting our vendors and toll processing units, with staggered payments to help them mitigate the crisis, while also supporting local initiatives; by installing hand sanitisation stations for the major communities near the manufacturing locations of MANE Kancor.

Our top management and senior leaders are connected digitally, to take necessary actions in the best interest of our teams and customers. We have also created a task force at all locations to monitor the action plans locally and make dynamic changes to ensure continuity.

We know that many of you will also be doing the same. Let us all work together to tide over the current unprecedented situation. Stay Safe!