We have been participating in ‘Food ingredients Europe’ for the past several years and it has given us the opportunity to meet new potential clients, exchange ideas & trends with stakeholders within the food community. The event has enabled us to become a part of the world’s leading food and beverage ingredients platform. This year, FiE took place in Paris from 3rd to 5th December, 2019.

The key product areas this year, were OxiKan (Natural Anti-Oxidants), TastyKan (Multi-Spice Liquid Blends), Roasted Spice Oleoresins, C-Capture (Natural Colours) & Nature’s True Notes

Our ‘Experience Centre’, a mini application lab concept, offered selected customers a hands-on approach to product applications on Snack Seasoning and Meat. Additionally, at the ‘Discovery Kitchen’ customers got to experience various products like snacks, beverages, confectionery and desserts made using our ingredients.

For this year’s Fi Europe, we had a new product showcase for our award winning natural anti-oxidant: OxiKan CL and a seminar addressing our products.